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JINXD is a private service that charges an additional fee to automatically find and pay your parking tickets.

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Getting your tickets paid is just 3 simple steps.

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People love JINXD!

I am the worse at paying parking tickets on time. I always end up paying 45$ as oppose to 18$. Now with Jinxd I'm signed...

Posted by Jennifer Muñoz on Thursday, July 9, 2015



How much is the service?

Service fees vary. The fee is $2 on tickets between $10-25. $3 on tickets between $26-35. 10% on tickets above $35.

When will my card be charged?

Your credit card will only be charged after you have been issued a parking ticket, usually within 2-3 days of receiving a parking ticket.

Can I unsubscribe from JINXD?

Yes! Simply e-mail us at to unsubscribe from JINXD. We would hate to see you go!