What is JINXD?

JINXD is like SunPass, but for automatically paying parking tickets instead of tolls.

JINXD eliminates ALL late fees

Your ticket cost can more than double! If you forget to pay your parking ticket, the price can go from $18 all the up to $63 in just 60 days! We've already saved our customers thousands of dollars in late fees...

Stop getting late fees.

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JINXD clears your registration stops

Did you know: If you forget to pay just three (3) parking tickets, Miami-Dade County will tell Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles department to stop you renewing your registration. This can cause a lapse in your insurance coverage.

Don't let that happen to you.

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JINXD clears your tow orders

Did you know: If you forget to pay just five (5) parking tickets, your car will be towed the next time a meter maid issues a parking ticket to your plate? Even worse... in order to clear your tow order, you'd need to take time out of your day to go to the Miami-Dade parking bureau to clear the tow order and pay your parking tickets.

You should let JINXD take care of that.

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Customers Love JINXD

"Super! I didn't know about these other parking tickets... All I did was fill a quick form. Useful AF. I'd been waiting for a service like this to come to Miami"

Alfonso Martinez Lagares